Finally: A Show! October 24, 2007

Celebrate with 3-1-3-6 as we wake from our long slumber... with coffee! Join is on Wednesday, 10/24/2007, 7:30pm at The Beat for an evening filled with the aroma of freshly ground sound. Ever heard of quadrophonic electroacoustica in a coffee shop? Oh yeah, baby. The Beat loves us. The program is still growing, so send us your pieces and your ideas. Contact Yvette Guillaume at for more info.

3-1-3-6 is regenerating like a phoenix from fire... look for a 24-hour fashion show concert coming in 2007.

As always, feel free to contact us with ideas at

Concert Music for the Rest of Us

So much great music is being made in all corners of the world, but most people will never hear it. Why? Maybe it uses "classical" instruments, maybe it doesn't have a pulse, maybe it's filled with indecipherably complex noises, or maybe it just isn't "radio friendly." These musics have an adopted (and broken) home in the concert hall, but the typical grand, plush, pretentious-hush-hush auditorium is not not conducive to the emotional spectra honestly warranted by these great works.

In other words...

Lighten up.

The 3-1-3-6 concerts are a series of events aimed at dismantling the image of "concert music" by offering a relaxed, welcoming environment.

Have a beer, relax, and listen.

Past Events